Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flashback: That's The Way (Part 2)


Sometime in the late 90's, my song writing had taken a different turn. I started approaching the process of writing music and lyrics in an entirely new way - also began writing music almost exclusively on piano. Rather than run from my influences, I started to embrace them and found a whole new path open. "That's The Way" is one of those transition songs and it accurately reflects everything from my world at that time.

Writing while on the road has always worked well for me, so when I returned to the States in August of 2001, I had over 20 new songs. Unfortunately, the events of September 2001 prompted me to find the missing words to "That's The Way" (which if you listen closely, the middle instrumental part is nicked from a Bach fugue).

While it's mostly optimistic in nature, there is a lugubrious side to it which is amplified by the Mellotron violins that I play . The song was recorded in late 2001 and mixed in early 2002. It's always a crowning achievement to get your creations on tape and this is one that came out better than expected and says everything it needs to say.

Listen to That's The Way.

(eyeneer music publishing ©2002/2006)

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