Monday, November 12, 2007

Censored N' Blocked

2 months in mainland China will find you unblogged & unFlickr'd (the latter has a work-around). Although I managed to find a plug-in to make Flickr work, blogs were still completely unaccessible, which regretfully forced me to pull up the stakes on the blogging activity. Pity, because I had a thing or two to share... Being back in the land of the free (and the incredible ever-shrinking dollar bill), the thrill of blogging is once again a reality.


zoe krylova said...

oh then, do tell! i can't wait to hear your stories. the photos have been unbelievable. really, really beautiful. we miss you and have so enjoyed following your travels through pictures. you must visit us in virginie once you're back in the u.s.a.!

zoe krylova said...

oh. you are back. duh.