Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Himalaya on the brain

As I prepare for yet another trip to Asia, it's a great reminder of the deep connection that I have with that part of the world. Looking particularly forward to heading back to the Himalaya and spending quality time in Ladakh & Kashmir. The Himalaya has always provided inspiration & it's no wonder why it continues to draw me back.

While sorting through old pictures, I stumbled upon some snaps taken on my first trip to the subcontinent almost (gulp) 20 years ago...


zoe krylova said...

i'm jealous. will you blog your journey? how long will you be gone?
have an amazing time!

Songs & Stories From The Edge said...

hey zoe!

will definitely be blogging & posting photos. going to be gone from mid-july through early october... excited about going from leh to srinagar by road.