Wednesday, October 18, 2006

She’s got great skin…

Saw the movie “The Queen” this week. I am a sucker for bio movies – having just finished writing my second biographical screenplay (or what I like to call "revisionist history").

Anyway, Helen Mirren’s performance was superbly done and she was 100% convincing of the real article. Suddenly I began thinking about Queen Elizabeth II's skin.

I got to meet HM Queen Elizabeth II & HRH Prince Philip, The Duke Of Edinburgh - back in 2002 during their Golden Jubilee visit to Victoria, BC. Under rather absurd circumstances, I was invited to the Royal event at Victoria's beautiful Town Hall. The Queen’s rather friendly “secret service” gave us the 411 on Royal protocol (i.e. do not turn your back, do not speak unless spoken to, etc.).

The Royals arrived and toured the building, then spent some time surveying the art. The Queen signed the Town Charter and then somewhat casually mingled with the guests. As Queen Elizabeth II approached me, she asked where I was from. When I told her that I was from California, HM replied, “Oh, it’s so lovely." She asked about my work and I told her that I was into entertainment and technology. The Queen nodded and appeared to smile ever so slightly.

I shook her glove as she extended it to me and looked into her eyes. Her demeanor was very pleasant, although she did seem a little bit in auto-pilot mode. Prince Philip followed closely behind, locked his stern eyes into mine - surveying me as though I were of Ragamuffin stock, and then shook my hand with a grip that would have made Bubbles proud. The Queen has lovely skin.

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